The Idea: An App that really helps


In the summer of 2015 the founders of BETO were in action, on a voluntary basis, at the railway station in Passau, to participate in taking care of the refugees. At that time, relief activities completely lacked any structured organisation.

After analysing the situation to find out how they could intelligently play a helpful part, they realized that there was missing a platform that could connect refugees, helpers and organisations in a direct and uncomplicated way. So they decided to create such a platform – BETO – by themselves, as an app for smartphones and as web application.

Initially, BETO was designed to be an app that coordinates refugee relief but has now evolved to be a platform through which everybody can search for or offer expertise, time and joint free time activities and therefore get in contact with other people nearby. BETO connects people locally, facilitates the integration into existing social circles and helps to form friendships, namely in a spontaneous, direct and non-binding way – completely in accordance with the motto of the app: “better together”.


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