Where do my data go?
We store your data in the database of our server so that the matching algorithm can work or so that you can have access to your chats from different devices.
This, additionally, helps the BETO developers to improve the app, e.g. when they get to know how successful the matching was.
What does BETO cost?
For you, BETO is 100% free of charge.
How does BETO manage its financing?
We work on a voluntary basis and meet our current expenses (e.g. for design and marketing) through donations.
How does the matching work?
A person who is searching something is matched with the person that offers what he searches who is geographically nearest to him and. If the volunteer does not react to the request within 15 minutes, the next active volunteer is informed.
How can I get in contact with the person I was matched with?
The best way would be via the chat that is integrated in the app.  As BETO works without profiles it is useful to agree on an identification sign and choose a clear and definite meeting place.
How can BETO assure that nothing can happen to me when I get into contact with a person I do not know?
Not at all. But you can, for the first meetings, choose busy public places or go there together with somebody you know.
What can I gain from offering my time and my resources free of charge?
Quite a lot! Karma credits, contentedness, pleasure, new friends, your very personal contribution to successful integration - to name only a few things.
Where can I get assistance in case of technical problems with the app?
Quite simply send a mail to feedback@beto-app.org and the BETO developers will do their very best to help you and to remedy defects. If you cannot install BETO, the cause might be that you have an iPhone. In this case we can only recommend to you to buy a Smartphone that is Android based or to wait till BETO is also available in the App Store.
I have no Smartphone. Can I use the app all the same?
Of course! BETO will soon be available on our Web page. Till then you can install an Android App Player on your computer. You can also use BETO on tablets that are Android based.
How can I support BETO?
If you want to support BETO financially, you can do that by using the donations button on our Web page.
We do always appreciate constructive feedback and new ideas - just use the contact form or simply write a mail.